How to Stand Out on Social Media

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Social Media gives your business an incredible platform to connect with potential and existing customers. As of the first quarter of 2021, Facebook have 1.9 billion daily active users of their site. But vastness of this and other social media sites also means that your business page may easily get lost in the sea of information coming at people every day. So how are you going to get your page to stand out? to be one in a billion?

If you forget everything else about social media, remember this – be human. While you may want to protect your image as a professional outfit, you can blend formalities and personality cleverly and effectively. Some companies such as British Airways are now signing off messages with initials of the person manning their Twitter handle for the day. The social media pages of Money Aware introduce themselves by name at the beginning of each day, sometimes accompanied by a funny message. This shows that it is an individual that is dealing with customer issues, giving an impression of approachability.

One way to stand out above the rest is to respond to everything. Comments, messages and reviews can be good, bad or ugly. No matter what it is, answer it. Show that you are aware and engaged. This will increase the visits to your pages and the communication between you and people on it. The Dutch Airline KLM is renowned for quick, friendly responses to every communication, even the most benign comments! Their answers are timely and personalised, and they keep the conversation going, showing customers that they care.

Take a leaf out of these companies books – when you are communicating, be personable and relaxed. Even if you are dealing with a complaint, use a tone that demonstrates sincere concern about the situation. This can be disarming for customers who are preparing for being fobbed off. If they feel that there is a real person who is dealing with the situation, it may be easier to appease them and avoid an ugly online argument.

Apart from customers coming to your page to compliment or complain, you will need to try a few other tricks to attract them to it. It goes without saying that you need great content. The type of content businesses are using is changing. There has been a significant shift towards the use of visuals on social media that affects businesses and their brands. Users are more likely to engage with brands that use visuals on their social media sites. As well as maintaining their Facebook and Twitter pages, companies are now expanding into Instagram, YouTube, Pinterest and other social media sites that focus on images and videos for connecting with the user. Making an authentic connection with your audience can depend on your posting stirring an emotion within them, be it happiness, amazement or sympathy, and it is much easier to make this type of connection through an image. Audiences also tend to share videos and images that they like or feel are important.

The great thing about mastering social media is that it is easy to find out what is working and what is not. There are a multitude of tools that you can you to monitor the audience reaction. Beyond the number of likes and shares of each post, most social media sites have analytics that you can sign up to that will help you to understand your demographic and craft your messages to have more impact within that group.

Social media guru Neil Patel says that the key to being a social media star is plain and simple – put time into it. Make sure that your brand has a system in place for consistent, engaging messages, original visual content and a personal, reliable customer service response. The good news is that it can be fun! Make sure that the team who are managing your social media are as passionate about your service or product as you are and you’ll be winning in no time.

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