7 Social Media Tips to Save You Time!

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Your business needs Social Media marketing. The problem is you can end up wasting a lot of hours on a site. It’s easy to get distracted or keep trying new things to boost your reach. Start saving time on social media with these top tips for digital marketing.

1. Limit the Social Media Platforms You Use

There are so many social media platforms. People will tell you that you have to be on all of them, but that’s definitely not the case. You need to be where your audience is going to be. If they’re on Facebook and Pinterest, why are you spending all your time on Twitter and LinkedIn? Look at where your ideal audience is and limit digital marketing to those platforms. Grow two or three at a time and then consider stretching to others.

2. Get the Data Once a Week

Every week, look at your statistics. Gather the analytics for each of your social media accounts and Google Analytics. Find out where people are coming from, the type of updates that do well, and how your viewing figures have changed. Use the information to plan the marketing technique for the next week.

3. Schedule the Majority of Your Posts

Scheduling tools are highly effective. You can spend an hour at the end of your day scheduling tweets and status updates for the next day. While you still need to drop in a reply to messages and comments now and then, scheduling 80% of your workload will help to minimise the time spent on the sites.

4. Hire Someone Else to Do It for You

Why do all the digital marketing yourself? Hire someone in-house or outsource the tasks to a freelance social media expert. Okay, so you need to be there every now and then, but those scheduling tasks will give you an hour back each day at least!

5. Ask Groups to Tag You When Important

When you need to reply to messages personally or someone desperately needs your attention, ask them to tag you. They can do this on many social media platforms now, so you get a notification instantly. If you’re tagged then it’s a high priority notification that you need to respond to. Otherwise, you can ignore all other messages.

6. Only Have Major Notifications Push Through

You can also limit the amount of notifications that come through to your phone or dashboard. There’s no need to be alerted when everyone posts in your group. Limit it to when you’re only tagged or when there are reports sent through. You don’t get as distracted throughout the day, encouraging you to spend more time than you need on social media.

7. Work in One Dashboard

Stick to just the one dashboard. This is possible with scheduling tools like Hootsuite, Buffer, and MeetEdgar. When it’s all in one place, you can group schedule for your separate social media accounts. Your block scheduling time will instantly cut in half or more! You can also see important notifications directly from the sites in the one place, limiting the amount of logging in and typing you have to do.

The above seven tips are tools that you can use right now to save time on social media. Having everything in one place to schedule the majority of your messages will help to keep things simplified. You’re streamlining as much as possible, keeping you away from the distractions of the internet. Don’t forget to outsource your digital marketing, so you can do the work that’s more important within the business.

Deirdre Zaidan

Deirdre is Marketing Director with Diginormous, an Irish Digital Marketing company based in Donabate, North Co. Dublin. Her background is in Sales & Marketing and she specialises in digital marketing - helping clients achieve their own digital marketing goals.