5 Content Marketing Don’ts

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Content marketing is hardly a new concept. However, the evolution of what constitutes a marketing win and a content marketing fail in the digital world has changed significantly. Because of the sudden awareness among marketers about using content across all digital channels it’s easy to see how misconceptions about content marketing can be made.

So many businesses fail to accurately create and distribute content on their websites and social media channels. Here are the 5 most common marketing don’ts made among businesses.

Fail to Come Up With a Content Strategy

Without measurable goals you’re wasting time, resources, and money. A business that doesn’t have a documented content strategy that details what tools will be used, how content will be distributed, the people needed and the processes they’ll undergo in order to make the content effective and goals achievable you’re likely not going to get far. In order to be efficient and effective, businesses must take the time to plan content marketing initiatives.

Bad Quality Content

Search engines like high quality, SEO-friendly content. If you’re trying to save a buck by skimping on good, high-quality content you’re just hurting your content marketing efforts. Find the right writers, design experts, and best team available to create the great content for your website, landing pages, and social media profiles. Don’t try and take the easy way out. Bad content isn’t worth your time.

Invest in the Wrong Tools

If your business decided to jump the gun and invest in tools and equipment without fully assessing whether they were necessary then you may be in trouble. What you actually need to get content done may not necessitate the things you may think you need.

Assess your needs based on your content strategy, that way you don’t waste money on tools that won’t help you reach your content marketing goals.

Failure to Measure Everything

Most businesses look at content, measure sales results, and are done. But there is so much more that content can do for a business besides sales. Customer service, recruiting, and product development can all be measured by content! Show your team exactly what is working and what is not and stop focusing just on sales.

Repeating Ideas Over and Over

We get it, sometimes you have a great idea and it works. But when it has run its course it’s time to let it go. You don’t want to bore your audience. Work as a team to come up with a various set of ideas that you can roll out based on a timeline. That way you don’t run the risk of repeating yourself too much and lose audience members. No one want’s to see the same infographic in a different form with different wording. Trust us, you won’t be fooling anyone.


High-quality content delivered on the right platforms at the right time are key in increasing search rankings, and attracting the right attention on the web. The best content will deliver results and get your the ROI you’re seeking. Just remember to ditch these failed marketing don’ts while you’re at it!

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