10 Super Easy Social Media Ideas to Liven Up Your Campaigns

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Technology has obviously changed the way we run businesses. These days you have to incorporate technology in all aspects of your business. Whether it’s HR, marketing, finance or any other business division, if you’re not up to date with technology and social media marketing, your business could be left behind!

The way businesses market themselves has also evolved over the period of time. In the old days radios were used to market business but with the invention of television, businesses started using video advertisements on TV. However in this era of information technology, no marketing option is better than digital marketing. You can still market your business on the radio and television but if you are not marketing on digital platforms then you are missing out on a significant audience.

One of the best places to market your business and increase engagement is social media. Billions of people use social media every day which means that you can market your business to over a billion people without any direct barrier. With so many companies trying to carry out social media marketing, you need to be unique and creative in your strategy to outdo your competitors.

So let’s take a look at 10 Social Media Ideas to Liven Up Your Social Media Campaigns.

Post Infographics

People love to look at facts and figures if they are presented in a fun way. Infographics give you an opportunity to present facts and figures in a way that are fun and easy to understand.

Run A Photo Contest

You can arrange different types of photo contests on your social media profile. One idea is to have your customers take photos with your product which they can then post on your social media profile. You can then select a winner from all the photos and use them again for different posts, such as collages etc. Make sure of course you obtain permission to re-use the photos!

Run A Poll

You can run a poll on any social issue (related to your business) or about any of your products on your social media profile. For example if you offer three flavors of a single product and you want to launch a single flavor in a specific region. Then you can ask people on your social media profile about which of the three flavors they would prefer. You can also run polls about the designing and wrapping of your products as well.

Host A Live Q&A

Many social media platforms let you communicate with your clients in real time. Hosting a live Q&A session can help you get an advantage over your competitors. It will also show that you (as a business) are more open to suggestions and feedback from clients. People love seeing the people behind the business!

Fun Tweets

Having fun, creative (and sometimes sarcastic) tweets can help promote your business to new levels. If you are looking for an example then you can checkout Wendy’s twitter account. Wendy’s does Twitter well and with 3.8million followers, they must be doing something right! 

Meme Contest

Memes, as you may know are still huge. They have gained a lot of popularity in the recent years. Having a meme contest on your social media profile can be a good marketing strategy and generate lots of engagement.

Share User Generated Content

You can post user generated content on your social media profile. For example if a consumer sends you a video where they are creatively using your product then you can share that video on your social media profile. You can also share content (related to your product) produced by social media influencers on your own social media profile as well.

Use Emojis

The emoji feature has also seen a great boom in the last few years. The number of emojis has remarkably increased and you can make people understand what you are saying all with the help of emojis. So if you want to communicate any promotion on your social media profile then what better way to do it then through creative use of emojis?

Video Testimonials

Studies have shown that video marketing is more effective that static image marketing. So when video marketing is mixed with something as effective as word of mouth, you get video testimonials. Video testimonials are a great way to market your product to potential clients. You can ask your customers to send you video testimonials that you can then post on your social media profiles.

Top 10s

Top 10 lists (such as this one!) are still very popular. Try to create top 10 videos related to your business. Whether they are in form of an inforgraphic or a video, you are bound to get great results out of them. It will not just increase engagement for your social media profile; it will also help you gain more customers.


Webinars can be used to explain people why your product is valuable to them and to the society and environment. You can post videos or links to your webinars on your social media profile. You can offer free webinars on your social media profile to attract more customers. Webinars are also a great method of lead generation as people can register before the webinar, leaving their details with you.

These are 10 fun social media ideas that can help business liven up their social media campaigns. If you are looking to market your business on social media then you should definitely try one or all of the above mentioned creative social media marketing ideas. Or better still, talk to us and we can do it all for you! 😁

Deirdre Zaidan

Deirdre is Marketing Director with Diginormous, an Irish Digital Marketing company based in Donabate, North Co. Dublin. Her background is in Sales & Marketing and she specialises in digital marketing - helping clients achieve their own digital marketing goals.